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Do I need to be home?

You do not need to be present during the cleaning. Customers can leave a key or instructions to access the home. We will take pictures and/or videos if you're not available for a walk-through.   

Is there a specific area where I need to be?

Not at all. The ladies usually start upstairs, work their way down and out Unless they are instructed to start elsewhere. They will start in bedrooms and bathrooms in one story homes. They will work their way around you and your family with no issues. 

Why do I have to prepare the home for cleaning?

Please understand that preparation of your home allows cleaners more time to focus on thorough and detailed cleaning.
If you would like the cleaners to take care of anything listed above, please let us know immediately in order to properly schedule your cleaning session.  

Do you offer Carpet cleaning?
We do not offer Carpet cleaning at this time.

Do you offer laundry services?
We do not offer laundry services at this time.

Do you do outside window cleaning?
We do not. Only interior window cleaning is available at this time. 

 Note: We do not open windows whatsoever.  Only the inside of windows will be done. 

Do the cleaners speak English?
Some of our ladies are not 100% fluent English speakers. However, if anything is needed and they need to communicate, they will use their translators. We are also in constant communication should something arise.  

What if I have pets?
We love all fur babies! They often get excited when visitors come over. We ask that they are put away, in their cages, garage, backyard or any room cleaners will not have to clean. 

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